Also known as
r 73
Indications of Dr. Reckeweg R73 Joint Pain Drop
Osteo-arthritis especially of the large joints, arthritis of the knee and hip joint, osteo-arthritis of the vertebrae.
Mode of Action of Main Ingredients in Dr. Reckeweg R73 Joint Pain Drop
The ingredients contained in this preparation influence the metabolism of cartilage in particular. Long term medication is necessary before definite improvement sets in.
This is best explained by the fact osteo-arthritis is a gradual degenerative process.
Acidum sulfuricum: Arthralgia in different joints.
Argentum: Arthralgia associated with degeneration of joints.
Arnica: Painful joints.
Bryonia: Swollen, stiff joints, worse on movement.
Causticum Hahnemanni: Joint deformity associated with weakness, trembling and stiffness.
Ledum: Multiple joint pain, cramping pain in hip area.
Dosage of Dr. Reckeweg R73 Joint Pain Drop
• To begin with give 10-15 drops of Dr Reckeweg R73 in some water 4-6 times daily
• After 2-3 weeks of medication the dosage may be lowered to 2-3 times daily
Terms and Conditions
Homeopathic products have several uses and should be taken on the basis of symptom similarity. Results may vary depending upon the conditions.



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